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Prepare for your admission

Start watching classes for teaching and preparation. Then, once you are ready, take the SAT exam at the international school in your country.


Study for your future and that of your dreams

Coachteen is the first step to start building your goals and dreams, we will accompany you to the final stretch.


Intensive or normal program

15 months is the average to complete all the modules offered in the course, but if you start an intensive program you will be able to finish completely in just 5 months. You have the decision.


The importance of pre-entry

Pre entry is a way to assess if you are able to take the courses offered at COACHTEEN, our commitment is to offer a platform adapted to American culture to prepare the young student, but we know that not everyone is ready yet.

That is why we have formulated a special module for the young person to have access and complete the evaluation test.

Therefore, we invite you to first complete the evaluation test before making the payment of any of our plans. You can start doing this evaluation now completely free.


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