5 reasons to choose the US
Study Abroad: 5 Reasons to Choose the US
Choosing the right country to complete your high-education studies can be challenging and difficult. There are a lot of countries that offer multiple opportu...
Guide to Study in the US
Guide to Study in the US
Do you want to live your dream of study at an American university, but you don’t know how to do it?  We teach you everything you need to know and how to comp...
Ivy League Coachteen
Ivy League Colleges: Best Schools to Study in the US!
If you are pursuing to study in the US, you have probably investigated their top-ranked universities and their ivy league colleges. You probably also heard a...
Benefits of Online Learning
Online learning is getting more and more recognition around the world. The number of students who enroll in at least one online course is growing each day. T...
Coachteen's Vision
Coachteen’s Vision
In 2018, 2,136,539 young people worldwide took the SAT. This figure grows year by year from 5% to 25%. Of ...
Coachteen’s background
American Multimedia Education Network, INC. An American company founded by shareholders in Miami, Florida, in October 2017 is the creator and owner of the CO...
How to get prepared to take the SAT
Let’s start explaining how the SAT is scored. When you take the SAT, you'll be given a total score between 400 and 1600. The SAT has two major sections: Evid...
What’s the SAT?
The SAT is one of two standardized college admissions tests in the US. It's run by the College Board, a non-profit program. The test is used to assess sch...